Solar Street Lighting

Solar Street Lighting has become a viable alternative to conventional fixed wiring systems. It is economical to run, reliable and low maintenance, eliminating the need for expensive underground wiring and suitable in remote areas where the feasibility of fixed wiring systems comes into question.

With the effects of global warming due to our dependency on fossil fuels, Solar Street Lighting is a logical alternative. Environmentally friendly, with a zero carbon footprint, solar power generation is the way of the future.

Solar Street Lighting harnesses natural sunlight, converting the sun’s rays into electricity via solar panels and stores this electrical energy in purposely designed long life batteries. At night, light is then produced by drawing on the battery’s reserves.

Our Solar Street Lighting range are of high quality, manufactured by the process of hot galvanising with spraying plastic, making them hard wearing, resilient to the harsh Australian elements and are corrosion proof. Achieving high brightness and high efficiency with automatic on/off operation, Eco Solar Lighting is sure to have a solution to suit your requirements.

(*Prices quoted exclude GST and are F.O.B ex-works Thomastown, Victoria. Prices subject to change without notice)

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