Bus Shelter Light: ECO Solar Delight

Have you ever considered adding solar lighting to your public shelters?

At Eco Solar Lighting we have the right solution for lighting up those dark shelters.

Whether retro fitting an existing shelter or incorporating solar technology into the design of your new shelters, we can deliver on all your requirements.

ECO Solar Delight with its amazing design suitable for any existing bus, tram or train shelter.

Illuminate and transform those dark spaces into safer and secure places, with ambient light, for passengers who are presently left in the dark.

ECO Solar Delight does not need a electrical supply as it is already contained in its own battery source, which is recharged by the sun.

Key Features Bus Shelter Light

• Easily installed
• Long battery life
• Fully guaranteed
• Suitable for all existing shelters
• Recharging by the sun

How is it installed?

• Drill a 20 mm hole through the roof,
• Silicon around the hole,
• Poke through the thread,
• Fasten
• Presto LIGHT!

Models with a remote control

The remote control model; which is designed for sheds, is activated only by the remote control (as shown in the picture below)

It does not have a light sensor function.
When the unit is charged, the light can be activated by pressing the button on and by pressing the button off.

Models with a remote control

Please call our toll free number 1800 069 784, during business hours, to speak to one of our technicians if you require assistance at any stage during the installation, or regarding operation of the ECO SOLAR LIGHTING unit.