Solar lighting is a lighting fixture that runs off stored energy generated from solar radiation.

A typical solar lighting is mainly a package of a solar panel, rechargeable battery, LED light and the controller.

Essentially, the solar panel converts sunlight directly into DC power, which charges the battery during the day. Solar-powered lights stop producing energy at night, so the controller, which detects the absence of light, activates the battery, which turns the LED light on.

Absolutely! Electrical energy is stored in the battery each day and at night time, the solar light works as it draws power from the battery.

Generally, the battery will operate the light for up to 3 nights without charging. This means that, even after a series of cloudy days, there will still be available energy in the battery to power the light for up to 3 nights.

Designed by Eco solar Lighting, a Telescopic Solar Pole is a pioneering concept and innovative solution to make installation fast and easy without the use of any lifting device and additional manpower.

The poles are designed in sections, with each section successively lifted up by pneumatic pressure by an air pump connected to a car battery until the pole is raised to its full length.

Because it is made up of sections, it can easily be transported and does not require long trucks, easy to move and makes solar lamp installation very easy.


Solar lighting requires simple installation. They don’t require any wiring or other power sources, making it easy to place them on the ground, without trenching and material costs.

Moreover, there is no regular maintenance required for a solar lighting however it is best recommended to always keep the solar panel clean.


Solar lighting is easy to install and does not require a certified electrician or solar installer.


Since these lights aren’t using electricity, there is no power bill to pay.


By using solar power in tandem with LED lighting, you cut down on carbon emissions often associated with traditional power sources and save the environment


Solar lighting is the best solution in areas where there are no existing utility power lines like in remote mining areas and construction project sites./p>